Manchester CS Expands Services with Cell Signal Enhancement

Kimberly Standish, CEO of Manchester CS, has announced an expansion of offerings to include SureCall, a cell signal booster product.

The SureCall product improves voice, text, and data signals inside of buildings. It also improves data speed, call quality, and reduces missed/dropped calls. The product can be used in small or large buildings.

SureCall captures the signal from local cell towers and rebroadcasts it within a building. The product is compatible with all cell carriers and cellular generations, including 4G LTE and 5G.

“We are pleased to have this collaboration with SureCall; it is an important product offering for our clients because it solves a problem that although common, is a serious impediment to business,” said Guy Bradley, head of business development and senior account manager at Manchester CS. “It is a passive DAS System at a fraction of the cost of an active DAS System.”

In collaboration with SureCall, Manchester CS has already completed a number of installations for customers in the Western New York market.